Bamboo Textiles

The uniqueness of bamboo is its natural antibacterial properties, which are caused by availability of strong natural antiseptic in the composition of its fibers. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in those countries where bamboo grows, it has long been used for medical purposes as an anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory. Modern industry has mastered the technology of production of various materials on the basis of bamboo fiber, while maintaining its anti-bacterial properties that prevent the accelerated growth of bacteria and inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms.

Bamboo fiber is used to produce clothing and towels. This hypoallergenic clothing is recommended for people suffering from various types of allergies because it does not cause irritation even in babies with sensitive skin. And the clothes is not wrinkled and causes a pleasant feeling in contact with skin. Besides its antibacterial properties, a bamboo towel has the ability to absorb moisture 3 times better than natural cotton towels. Moreover, they are soft and silky upon contact resembling cashmere and silk. Studies have shown that anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria are retained even after repeated washing.

 No less valuable and unique property of bamboo is its green pectin structure, widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Pillows are made of bamboo, which contain pectin green. These cushions prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck, as well as have the ability to moisturize and smooth the skin.

 Another unique product from bamboo fiber are blankets made of bamboo. Because of the fiber structure composed of micropores and pinholes, it has high air permeability and the ability to absorb and evaporate moisture. Thanks to breathability the human skin "breathes" well during sleep and does not preet, covered in sweat. And thanks to the lightness and flexibility of bamboo filler, you almost will not feel the weight of blankets, which adds to a comfortable rest.

Materials used were taken from the Internet source:, where you can find lots of interesting and useful information about bamboo, its properties and use.